• (All student questions are posted as submitted.)

    1. Student: For the approval page, am I allow to use the proposed thesis on my paper?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, but you should not start on the paper until you have your proposed thesis approved.

    2. Student: Hello, Mrs. Metcalf. Am I permitted to submit Poetry Exercise #4 online today? I didn't have access to a printed copy by the end of class today.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    3. Student: I was curious about how the reflections are to be completed. I was not sure what to do for them. Do we summarize the story? Do we give our personal opinions? etc.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please refer to the handout posted under courses titled "Reflective Writing Defined." If you still need further explanation, let me know.

    4. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf. I hope you are having a great day. I’m emailing you to follow up on the assignment we have due tomorrow and what exactly it entails. I asked a classmate about it but was wondering if you could explain it in further detail. Thank you! - Gracie Hamilton
      Mrs. Metcalf: I apologize for the lack of clarity. Each student will need to bring in a poem that falls under the category of the type discussed in class, i.e. lyrical, narrative, etc. Do not worry about the details of the assignment. We will work on them in class.

    5. Student: For the last paragraph of our satire where we are putting the last paragraph of Swift's proposal in our own words, do we put a citation at the end of the paragraph?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Quote Swift's last paragraph, added your alterations with brackets that fit your satire.

    6. Student: Mrs. Metcalf, I have not been in school the past 2 days and so I turned my sonnet in online, I do realize that you are probably going to take points off because it was due in class,I have your class fifth period so if that class does not finish reading their poems today I can read mine tomorrow if that would be okay with you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Thank you for turning it in on the due date.

    7. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf! I left school early and will not be in class today. Is it okay to submit my poem on the website? If not I can bring it to the school.
      Mrs. Metcalf: It is due September 24th. Please upload it.

    8. Student: What version of the film for The Great Gatsby did we watch in class? I would like to cite something from the movie but there is many different versions so I want to be sure to use the correct one.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The movie viewed in class is the 1974 version starring Robert Redford.

    9. Student: For our satire, are we allowed to use first or second person like Swift does?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, this is a creative composition. Normally, for academic work that would not be the case.

    10. Student: For APA, it says our title page should have institutional affiliation. Are we supposed to put Steubenville High School only or Steubenville High School AP Literature?
      Mrs. Metcalf: If you choose to use APA, your title page should include the institute, such as Steubenville High School after the course name. Once again, I'm considering that you have not had instruction in APA, so your grading will reflect that consideration.

    11. Student: Do we need to put our last name and page number on the title page? If we are not supposed to number the title page, do we start out with 2 or 1 on the second page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The numbering of the pages depends upon which style of documentation you have chosen. For MLA, your last name and the page number needs to begin on the cover/title page and run sequentially through the paper. If you have chosen to use APA, you will need a running head (refer to the link titled "Research and Documentation" provided on this website under Courses for information).

    12. Student: "Stop now-before what you're about to say enrages me completely and reveals that you're not only old but stupid, too. No one can tolerate what you've just said..." (Sophocles l. 324 - 327). Creon can not believe that someone would defy his authority and honor a traitor so quickly.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Based upon our conversation after class, there are a few points that need addressed in this passage you have provided. First, be sure to quote exactly as the text. Any changes should be indicated within brackets. Be sure to refer to the classroom instruction on the use of brackets within a direct quotation. Second, the argumentative statement should be stated first then supportive text to follow.

    13. Student: Do we need a certain font size for our title page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I am glad to see this question. For academic writing, the only acceptable size for is 12 point. Never use any other size for any portion of an academic/scholarly work.

    14. Student: How do I do the title page in APA? Is the title supposed to be italicized? After my name, do I write the due date?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You will receive instruction on APA soon. If you'd like to refer to the "Research and Documentation" link provided under the Course tab for assistance, that would be fine. The reason I am being more lenient in grading on the use of APA is because you have not received instruction yet. To give you some guidance, please insert a Running head and the page number. If you are having difficulty finding the information on the link provided, I would suggest that you format in MLA, which you have some experience. Nevertheless, the information required on the title page would be the title, your name, the course name, and the due date.

    15. Student: The online version and the printed version of Antigone are two different versions by the same author, and I cite both of them in my paper. How would I distinguish what version I am citing in a parenthetical citation since they have the same title?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You would designate which version you are using by whether it is the electronic handout or the handout.

    16. Student: Are we required to make an Abstract page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No. If you attempting to use APA, the abstract is used for a focused research paper. You do not need an abstract for this assignment.

    17. Student: What would be the correct way to insert a page number in MLA format when two people work on a paper together?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Add both last names with "and" followed by the page number.

    18. Student: In your 3rd period class we did not go over how to do a title page or how to format our essay but the other class was told how to do this. Is there anyway Monday we could go over these things since we do not know how?
      Mrs. Metcalf: We covered this topic in class today. If you still need clarification, please see me after class.

    19. Student: When writing the Antigone essay and including our personal experience, is it acceptable to use the word I?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, the use of "I" is unnecessary for academic writing. Remember, you can omit it and place the point of the comment as the subject of the sentence.

    20. Student: When we site a line from "Antigone" in our answers, should we break apart contractions with brackets or should we keep them together?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That is up to you. Direct quotations do not fall under the rules of "no contractions."

    21. Student: For our references on the last slide would you like them to be in alphabetical order or in slide order?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Format your bibliography in MLA style for documentation; use the standard rules for formatting the sources according to MLA.

    22. Student: There are no page numbers on either the online book or the actual book, so how am I meant to do the citations? Also, do we need to have a title page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: When citing the photocopy of the play, use the line numbers given at the side of the text. Yes, you will need a title page. Follow the instructions given during classroom instruction. If you need further explanation, let me know.

    23. Student: In class you told us to bring our presentations on a flashdrive to class on Tuesday, but the website says it is not due until Wednesday. Which day is it due? I just wanted to make sure so I did not bring it in on the wrong day.
      Mrs. Metcalf: For clarification: the date given on the classroom website is the date the presentation is due regardless when the class meets. The presentation needs to be brought to class on a flash drive on the posted due date. If you do not have a flash drive, you may upload the presentation the day before (before midnight) so that I can copy all presentations onto a flash drive.

    24. Student: For our Pecha Kucha assignment there needs to be 20 slides. Does this include the reference slide or should this be the 21st slide of the presentation?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The page listing the sources is not included in the 20 slides requirement.

    25. Student: Hello Mrs.Metcalf. For the poetry exercise #2 i was having problems with getting my poem that i wrote onto the other side of the paper right beside the poem i picked. Is there a way to format it or insert my poem so the poem i picked out of the book does not get out of place?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, you can add two columns to format the page.

    26. Student: One of my friends informed me that i can insert my poem below the poem from the book. I’m just double checking that i can do that because i did not hear you say that in our class.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, if your poetic lines are too long to have both side by side.

    27. Student: Is the Pecha Kucha for ENG201 due on Tuesday or Wednesday? Many students were saying both days so I just wanted to clarify.
      Mrs. Metcalf: All assignments for the ENG 201 course are listed with the due date on the classroom site regardless whether that is a date the class meets. If you are turning the presentation in online, it must be turned in before midnight the day before so I can copy it on a flash drive; otherwise, the presentation will be due the day it is posted (you will need to bring it in on a flash drive).

    28. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, my poem does not have an author or title so will I just leave it blank before my poem?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, but it will still be listed in the sources.

    29. Student: What time do we have to turn the pecha kucha in if we are submitting it the night before?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I'd like to be able to copy them onto a flash drive so I can bring them to school, so the sooner the better. Please do not turn them online on the day it is due; therefore, the deadline would be before midnight.

    30. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I visited the EGCC LoudCloud website and looked under our class (ENG101) and realized there are assignments posted. Are we supposed to complete those as well? Or just work you assign in class?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you will not need to do any of the assignments posted there. Only refer to this website and class instructions for all your assignments.

    31. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf. On the EGCC Loudcloud website there is an assignment posted for a personal narrative essay. It is due on September the second. Is the assignment something that needs to be completed?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, those assignments are not for you. Please only refer to this website and class instructions for your assignments.

    32. Student: Will the Poetry Exercise #2 be submitted online or in class?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You may turn it in on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd in class or online before midnight.

    33. Student: Do we need to know both of the definitions for the world of the day quiz, or is one definition per word enough to get full credit on the exam?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Usually you will have one "Word of the Day" quiz per week and will need to associate the complete definitions to be able to identify the word or vise versa.

    34. Student: In class today, did you say we have to turn those four poetry questions in first thing in the morning tomorrow?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, please place your assignment in the top basket in my room.

    35. Student: Mrs. Metcalf I regrettably forgot my signature approval page for my school iPad at school today. Is it possible that I could bring it in Thursday and get my iPad that day instead of Wednesday?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    36. Student: Hello Mrs Metcalf, I was wondering how we cite an anthology in our bibliography.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please go to the classroom website and click on Courses and refer and click on the link provided "Research and Documentation". From there you can see the requirements for MLA documentation for an anthology. Be sure you search under MLA.


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