• (All student questions are posted as submitted.)

    1. Student: Is there a page length requirement for the paper that is due on Friday?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No.

    2. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I am wondering how I should create my references for my essay. Further, how should I configure my citations that are directly quoted in MLA format.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please create all your references (works cited) in MLA format according to the 9th edition. You can review that edition on the Purdue Owl. All citations should be formatted according to the same format.

    3. Student: Hello, For the word of the day test, for the format do have to put the numbers 1, 2, and 3 by the definition, original sentence, and and the example in literature? Hope all is well. Thank you!
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, that isn't necessary.

    4. Student: When we cite a work of literature for the word of the day test, should the quote still be blocked if it is three lines or more?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, that will not be necessary. The purpose for block quotation format is to inform the reader of a source's words. During an essay, for example, if you did not block the quotations, it would be easy to think a long quote is the reader speaking. In this case, since this is not an essay or content based work, you will not need to block.

    5. Student: For the APA Research paper, is it okay to talk in third person when writing the "findings"?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, it is permissible, but it is better to avoid pronoun use.

    6. Student: Can we use the title of a book as the work of literature?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, but if it is used in the title, it most likely is in the content.

    7. Student: How do we do an in text citation if it has only chapter numbers?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Are you using MLA or APA? The in-text would acknowledge the author's last name and page number. The source page (Works Cited or References) would acknowledge the chapter. Please refer to the Research and Documentation link on the classroom website for further explanation. If you are unable to find it, let me know.

    8. Student: Regarding the senior research paper when presenting our findings does this portion need to have an introduction paragraph? Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you can go right into the subtitles mentioned.

    9. Student: Regarding the word of the day test, one of my words is vantage. Would it be acceptable to use the word advantage for a text citation? Also, how are we going to turn our school ipads in?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, those two words have different meanings. You need to turn your school books, school iPads with chargers, school laptops, school calculators, etc. to the school office. Please check you rollred email account for days to come to the school to clean out your locker too.

    10. Student: In a story if we found our word but it has a different suffix are we allowed to use that sentence or does the word have to stay the same?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You may use the past or past participle but do not use a form of the word that has a different meaning.

    11. Student: Hi! When we do our word of the day, do you want our sources right under the word or do you want it all on one page as references?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Since you will be giving a direct quotation, you will need the in-text citation with the indicator (page number, paragraph, etc.) and then include all your sources at the end.

    12. Student: When introducing the “findings” portion do we make it a bold subtitle or do we set it up like the review of literature intro?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Good question--you set it up like the review of literature. An APA research paper is in two parts and they are similar.

    13. Student: For the part of the test where we have to find the word in a work of literature can it be the plural of the work for example anomalies instead of anomaly?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, as long as the definition is the same.

    14. Student: For the ENG 255 technology research paper, for the references do you have to use the students names or can you label them as Student 1, Student 2, and so forth?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, please keep their names anonymous. If you use names, you must have written permission.

    15. Student: hello Mrs. Metcalf good afternoon I am a little confused on how you would like us to insert our findings. do you want us to insert our survey? and make charts? I am sorry I didn't join your google classroom I can not figure it out.
      Mrs. Metcalf: You will need to insert a chart. It can be a line chart, a pie chart, a bar chart, or any other type of chart--but not a table. The chart should reflect your findings. I will be having OPEN Office Hours tomorrow at noon if you want to login. Go to your Google Classroom and click on the link for the Google Meet.

    16. Student: Should our citations on the Word of the Day test be in APA or MLA?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You may use either format.

    17. Student: for the APA Research paper are we able to use scholarly articles? The instructions for the paper say we are required to have 4 scholarly journals. Can they be articles and not just journals?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, the scholars articles are found within the scholarly journals.

    18. Student: Are we submitting our portfolios still? I have heard that we are and that we are not so I just wanted to clear this up.
      Mrs. Metcalf: No. You are not going to turn in your portfolio. I have omitted the final exam as well. Please know--all the entries, such as reflection papers for the reading, including readings done during the remote learning, are still required. I will collect the writing portfolios once school is back in session.

    19. Student: Are we allowed to use the stories we have previously read for the work of literature for word of the day?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    20. Student: When citing the sources we use, do you want the format to be APA or MLA citations.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Either format would be acceptable.

    21. Student: Hi, am I allowed to upload the Word of the Day test earlier than the due date?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    22. Student: Hi Mrs.Metcalf as I am almost finished with my paper I just want to make sure of a few things. Do we need an authors note and annotated references? Do we need any tables/charts included? Also, can we use the information for our surveys in the first part of the paper or just the findings?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You do not need an author's note or annotated references. If you choose to add them, that is good practice. You will need a chart in the second part of the paper under "Findings" showing results from your survey. No, do not add information from your survey because your survey is not a review of the literature.

    23. Student: For the research paper, in the section "findings" are we aloud to use pronouns such as I?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, in formal, academic writing you should not use "I".

    24. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf I had a question regarding the Macbeth essay and how I have to refer to today’s society with evil. I was wondering if I could use the Columbine shooting even though it was 21 years ago. ,thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, that is a good idea--but focus on the what made the perpetrators who they were. It might be a good idea to take advantage of the OPEN Office Hours tomorrow to discuss it. Go to your Google Classroom and click on the link to enter the Google Meet at NOON. I hope to see you there.

    25. Student: Could you give us an example layout of how you want us to format the research paper? I am confused about the part in the description where it says it will consist of two parts. Are we supposed to label the two parts somehow? And for the four questions we are supposed to have, how much information are we supposed to have for each question.
      Mrs. Metcalf: In the past you have developed the first half of an APA research paper called a review of the literature. During this part of the paper you researched the overall thesis question and developed four questions that would assist you in answering the question from studies already performed. Remember to only used peer reviewed articles. The second half of the paper now discloses the findings from your own study. In this case you will need to do a simple survey. You would title the second half the same as the first half of the paper, except replacing "A Review of the Literature" with "Findings." In addition, you will have subtitles that I have provided in the handout. Remember that the subtitles in the first half are the four questions that you have formed; whereas, the second half subtitles are provided for your results/findings. You will not have four questions in the second half. If you or any of the students working on the APA research paper for ENG 255 course would like a video conferencing tomorrow (Saturday), I will do so. I am willing to have a special meeting via video conferencing (go to Google Classroom and click on the link that I will place there about 15 minutes prior to a set meeting). Please let me know if that is needed and I will schedule it and post the time.

    26. Student: Do our worksheets from the stream of consciousness stories go in our portfolios?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, I think all the worksheets can be added to the portfolio. Along with a reflection.

    27. Student: Do we have to discuss more than one person in reference to the evil?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You are not discussing a person, rather a type of person that commits acts, though wrong choices, that we consider evil. I used "bullying" as an example. I will be available tomorrow during OPEN Office Hours if you need further explanation. Go to Google Classroom and click on the link to enter into the video conferencing on Google Meet at NOON.

    28. Student: Is the research paper for ENG 255 the same format as the other research paper we did on the steel mill workers.
      Mrs. Metcalf: It is the same APA formatting style, but be sure to use the handout for this assignment for the particulars. I will be available tomorrow (Friday) for OPEN Office Hours if you need further explanation. Go to Google Classroom and click on the link to enter the video conferencing Google Meet at NOON.

    29. Student: Are we able to use one character as our main topic for the Macbeth essay?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You are not really writing about a "character". I will be available Thursday and Friday for OPEN Office Hours, if you need further explanation.

    30. Student: For the Macbeth essay how is the MLA in text citation formatted?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That is a good question. Since you are using the pdf that I have provided, it has page numbers that can be referred. Technically, though, the correct way would be to have the author's name with the ACT (add a period) Scene (add a period) and page numbers. Here is an example: (Shakespeare 4.2.7-11).

    31. Student: For the senior research paper does the subtitle have to be anything specific or is it supposed to read 'A Review of the Literature'?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The first section of the paper is titled A Review of the Literature. Please refer to your APA paper in your portfolio. If you need a sample, I can provide one. Let me know.

    32. Student: Hello! I was wondering if we still have to submit our thesis to get approved for our research paper. If so, when does it need to be submitted by?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, since I have already provided it for you. Your running head question is the thesis. Please review the handout.

    33. Student: For the bonus assignment due today, how do people place notes in order to receive extra credit? Should they put our names on the sign or post a separate word doc saying who recommended them?
      Mrs. Metcalf: They can just let me know through an email. Click on the upper right hand corner. Do not put it on the sign!

    34. Student: Hello. I was wondering if you wanted us to include our name and date on the top of worksheet #3. Also, do we number each statement and do you want it to be single or double spaced.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, please include your name.

    35. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I was wondering if for the story "The Worn Path" if you could help us analyze it a little more. I have spoken with a few students and they all seemed slightly confused on how to analyze it for the worksheet. I understand if you cannot do this seeing that it is a college class, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Thursday and Friday were OPEN Office Hours. I discussed it with a few students. I will make myself available for all tomorrow at noon for OPEN Office Hours for questions.

    36. Student: Good morning, Mrs. Metcalf. In the first essay prompt I use the author's full name when first referencing her. When I advance to the next essay prompt, do I use her full name when rementioning her or can I use her last name since I have already used her full name in a previous paragraph?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Treat each question as a new paragraph. Apply the rules that you would use when writing an essay. If you need further clarification, let me know.

    37. Student: For our A Worn Path worksheet, are supposed to used blocked quotes instead of using quotation marks?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You would only block a quotation if your directly quoted material extends on three lines of type or more. If directly quoted material is less than three lines of type, you would not block that quotation and you would use quotation marks. When directly quoted material is in a block, do not use the quotation marks. Having it in the format tells the reader it is directly quoted/verbatim material.

    38. Student: I submitted my worksheet for a worn path, but I want to make a few edits to my worksheet. If I submit the edited worksheet after the one I submitted around 12:45, will you check that one instead? P.S. are you staying safe? The covid-19 pandemic has done quite a lot...
      Mrs. Metcalf: I will grade the last submission. Yes, I am doing all I can to safeguard myself against the virus. Thank you for asking.

    39. Student: For the reference page, do we have to provide the links for the online stories and any other sources we may have used? Thank you!
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, online submissions have the appropriate sources with active links. When turning in a hard copy, those same sources have the link (underline/blue font) removed.

    40. Student: In regards to the reference page, if the author's name has two initials after the last name, is there a double period? e.g. Gilman, C. P..
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, the initial period serves two purposes, for the initial and for the endmark.

    41. Student: What year was The Yellow Wallpaper published? I didn’t see it on the PDF file and I just want to make sure I have the right year.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The Yellow Wallpaper was published in 1892, but be sure to add your source as the pdf.

    42. Student: our Paul's Case/The Yellow Wallpaper essay, would you like us to include an author's note?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, it is not necessary.

    43. Student: Is it required to join the live video every time you have your office hours, or is this to help us with any questions?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I will not be taking a grade if you participate in the Office Hours. It will be a time that I discuss your work, instruct, and answer questions.

    44. Student: For our essay, we need an intro, and 2 labeled sections for the stories. Do you want a general conclusion paragraph after we finish talking about the stories, or do you want our papers to end there.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Each section may be addressed with a completeness that introduces, discusses, and concludes. If you would like to add an overall conclusion, that would be at your discretion.

    45. Student: How will we know when you begin live videoing chatting/ teaching? Also, do I need to download an app for this?
      Mrs. Metcalf: What a GREAT question! I will post a letter on the classroom site that let's everyone know the times and days that we will have our video time. It will be through Google Classroom, so each class will need to go to their classroom where they are active to get the link. I'll post a letter on this classroom site that explains all of that as soon as I get all students in classes. Once again, GREAT question!!!!!

    46. Student: If we are using a quote from a person in our question 1. Can I use their names if I have their permission.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    47. Student: When I section by subtitles in the symbols essay, is there a specific way you want the subtitles formatted? I currently have them constructed like they were in the research paper. Is that fine?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Since I did not specify the style for documentation, if you choose to format APA, then the subtitles would be in boldface font with the proper capitalization, but if you choose to format in MLA, a general centered plain font subtitle would work.

    48. Student: If we are already signed into google classroom with our personal emails, can we still use that or would you like us to use our EGCC email.
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, please use the email that you sent to me. The egcc email will NOT work in Google Classroom.

    49. Student: When citing The Yellow Wallpaper, there is no copyright date. Should we put 1880 in the citation because that is when the book was published? When I go to the link from this website, the link has 2020/02 in it. Would we put 2020 because that is when the PDF was published?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please refer to the Research and Documentation link that I've provided for you. It will give you an example. You will need the original published date, but you are citing from a pdf. The link offers a great explanation and a sample.

    50. Student: For essays, if we are using terms that would normally be considered slang but put them in quotes are they ok to use. In my paper I want to have a sentence that says: ...behind the "bars" of society. Would it be ok to use this because I put bars in quotes?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you should not use slang. If you are directly quoting you may use it, but be sure to give the in-text citation for it.

    51. Student: Assignments are appearing on egcc. Are just supposed to tho off of your website or go off of what’s on there ?
      Mrs. Metcalf: All of my students should go to www.metcalfclassroom.com for assignments unless you hear differently from me. I want to keep things running as usual for all my classes.

    52. Student: Hello. In The Yellow Wallpaper and Paul’s case essay prompt, you stated “Constructing a work that uses symbols in a natural way is the task of the writer.” Were you referring to this being the task of the students or the task of the authors of the stories? I was confused if this was the prompt. Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, it is the work the author/writer to construct symbols in writing so that it does not seemed forced or awkward. It is your job to find those and discuss them.

    53. Student: Hi, Mrs. Metcalf I had turned in two of the Macbeth worksheets and I just wanted to let you know that the second one I sent is the right one. Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Thank you.

    54. Student: For The Yellow Wallpaper and a Paul's Case Essay, does it have to be MLA or APA?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Either, but I'll be looking for the requirements for in-text citation based on the references/bibliography page.

    55. Student: Are you still accepting submissions for the student speaker competition for the Jefferson County Bar Association in partnership with Mock Trial? Also, is Law Day going on as scheduled?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I am waiting to hear a reply from the coordinator of the event, so the student speaker competition is on hold. I will post an update under the Mock Trial tab on the classroom website as soon as I hear something.

    56. Student: On question 5 on the Paul's Case quiz, "What did Paul leave on when he slept?", what sleeping incident are you referring to: in the hotel, before the train, or at home? This question seemed a bit unclear.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The question on the quiz comes from the recent reading assignment; therefore, it would be his last night at the hotel.

    57. Student: Mrs. Metcalf, due to the path finders assembly tomorrow, will we still have the word of the day quiz?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    58. Student: If we submit our paper twice, you take the more recent one, right?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    59. Student: For the Death of Ivan Ilyich essay, there is no date provided on the PDF file, so should we mark n.d. in our citations?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    60. Student: if there is a quotation within a quotation, and we block the main quotation, do we block the quotation that was inside of it, or do we put single quotation marks around it?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You would use single quotation marks on that quotes within the quote.

    61. Student: When submitting the Manipulation of Time and Space Essay online, do you want the essay to be turned in before the end of the school day on Tuesday, or can it be turned in that same evening.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The assignment is due on the date posted, which means on or before 11:59 P.M. on the date given as the "due date."

    62. Student: Would you like us to provide the original date of publication for our sources or the PDF date in our time and space essay?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That depends upon which one you have accessed to use for your writing. Whichever one you've used, cite that one.

    63. Student: What is the maximum amount of words or characters allowed in the running head?
      Mrs. Metcalf: According to the APA requirements, fifty characters are the limit.

    64. Student: If we turn in the manipulation of space and time essay online is there a certain way you want us to name it.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, please following this example in the subject line when submitting it: first.lastname.ManipulationEssay

    65. Student: Are we allowed to put an Author Note in our essay even though it’s not required?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    66. Student: Hello! What are we supposed to title out manipulation of time and space essay?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That is your choice, but the title must meet the requirements to fit on a running head.

    67. Student: Do we need psychological and philosophical support for all three of the stories or at least one of them?
      Mrs. Metcalf: In addition to the textual support needed for each work, you will need to provide psychological and/or philosophical support for each work as well.

    68. Student: What is the purpose of the glass menagerie?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That would be for you to analyze and consider. You may refer to any research you can find on that question.

    69. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, do we need to have an author note at the bottom of our title page for our time and space manipulation essay since it's in APA format?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No.

    70. Student: I included hyperlinks in my report where I linked a word to a website in order to provide more information regarding the word. Do I need to include the website that was linked to the word in my reference page? I did not use the website to help write my paper. I only used it for the purpose of a hyperlink.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The use of the hyperlinks are being used as a form of footnoting or adding of a glossary, so, yes, you will need to add those websites in the references.

    71. Student: If a fellow wrestler and I missed school on the last day of break for wrestling will we have to make up word of the day tomorrow, Monday morning?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That quiz grade went on this 3rd 9 weeks. You can make it up.

    72. Student: If we turn in the paper online. Is it due at midnight on Monday or in the morning on Monday
      Mrs. Metcalf: The paper is due on Monday, January 6th before midnight. If you choose to turn it in as a hard copy during class on Monday, that is good, but if you choose to turn it in online--be sure to turn it in before midnight.

    73. Student: Is the comic report due online?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You may turn in either a hard copy or an online submission. If you choose online, please title it as your name.comic book report

    74. Student: Should the comics paper be submitted as a hard copy in class or as an online submission?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You may turn in either a hard copy or an online submission. If you choose to turn in online, please title it as your name.comic book report

    75. Student: For the comic book report are we expected to organize the report using subtitles?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Since this assignment is not a research, it is not required to have the four questions; nevertheless, you may organize your information using those formatting preferences. Please refer to the handout for the requirements.

    76. Student: For the comic book report do we need to include an suthors note, annotated references for figures, and an abstract?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Since this is not a research paper those items are not needed, but you may include them if you want to do so. Please refer to the handout for the requirements.

    77. Student: For the comic report the link for the assignment says to construct it like a research paper so do we have to include an appendix and table of contents?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you'll need a running head and if you choose to add tables, following the guidelines for APA format. An appendix and table of contents are not necessary, but you may include them. Although you are following the format for APA research, since it isn't a research paper some items are not necessary. Please refer to the handout for the requirements.

    78. Student: For the comic report, the assignment says we have to peer review. Do we have to get paper signed like we did for the steel worker report?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I'm sorry, since I changed the due date the ability for a peer review will not be possible. Please ignore the requirements for a peer review.

    79. Student: Could you upload a link to the classroom website for the comic video we watched in class?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, I will do that.

    80. Student: If you completed the MLK essay and turned it in, where does the bonus for that paper go to? I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
      Mrs. Metcalf: If it was turned in on time, then extra credit was given under "Extra Credit."

    81. Student: Dear Mrs. Metcalf, I submit my online version but I am concerned about formatting. I completed it in Pages, but exported it to a word document so I could upload. I am not sure if the formatting will transfer correctly.
      Mrs. Metcalf: If you are concerned about the formatting might change, I would suggest saving your file as a pdf and uploading it.

    82. Student: There seems to be some confusion amongst my class. For our comic book report do we need to have an abstract and literature review (like our career paper from last year) or do we do it like our steel worker report from this year, but with text wrapping and hyperlinks? Thank you
      Mrs. Metcalf: This assignment is not research; therefore, you will not need an abstract, literature review, etc.

    83. Student: if we did not get our signature approval page signed, do we still have to include it in the essay?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    84. Student: Is the APA Research Paper (online) due tonight (Thursday, December 19, 2019) at 11:59pm or tomorrow (Friday, December 20, 2019) at 11:59pm?
      Mrs. Metcalf: It is due Friday, December 20, 2019 before midnight.

    85. Student: Since the signature aproval page is second, should the abstract be numbered as page 3?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, do not number the signature approval page--just insert it.

    86. Student: I found an essay written by a college student, would that be count as a article?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No. Please access the database with the link provided on the handout. You will see plenty of articles there.

    87. Student: In the APA paper guidelines it says "On the cover sheet, center the title, subtitle, your name, and school name on respective lines". Do we not put the due date on this assignment?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Correct, you do not add the due date.

    88. Student: Can our table be adapted from a website or does it have to come from the database?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, you may use a table from a website, but it may not have the validity or accuracy needed in research. It depends upon the website.

    89. Student: On owl Purdue, it says that if there are six or more authors to an article then you would use et al. Does et al. apply to the note for the table or should I list all authors?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Follow the same procedure for the table.

    90. Student: How do you abbreviate the word paragraph inside a parenthetical citation? This is in APA format. Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: That abbreviation for paragraph citation has changed often. The required abbreviation as been "par." and "para." After looking it up again, I see that "para." is correct. Using either is acceptable for this assignment.

    91. Student: If we chose to use a glossary do the words have to be in bold before the definition?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No.

    92. Student: What are the changes that you made for our research paper? I remember that you said that we didn't have to have as many sources as it says on the handout on the website. Tha
      Mrs. Metcalf: You will only need one interview.

    93. Student: What is latest date we can bring cans in for bonus?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Thursday was the last I would be able to add bonuses since I had to have grades turned in on Friday morning.

    94. Student: For APA research paper, the resources I found are during the early 2000s and late 1990s. I tried to look for the new ones but there were none. Am I allow to use older resources?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    95. Student: Do block quotes pertain to summaries or only to direct quotes?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Block quotation format is only applied to directly quoted material.

    96. Student: How much would the MLK essay bring my grade up?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Twenty points were added.

    97. Student: Do we need a book as one of our annotated references? I know it is listed on the guide, however I do not recall if you changed that requirement. Thank you!
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, you need to annotate a book as one of the references.

    98. Student: For the reflections, if we talk about the reading, do we need a reference page for it?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    99. Student: or our hamlet notes, are we supposed to put all of our notes in our portfolios or are we just supposed to put the notes that relate to the freytag pyramid in it?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You need to add the notes on the reading of the play. If that includes the additional notes, then add them.

    100. Student: Do we need the reflection of the death of a salesman in our portfolio?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    101. Student: If we are numbering our pages at the bottom middle for the writing portfolio, should we start with the title page, or with our first piece of content?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You would start numbering with the cover page.

    102. Student: do we put out reference pages at the end of each essay? if so, do we put them in our table of contents?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please enter each complete essay. If it needed a reference page, then include it with the essay. The table of contents should display the contents (essays or research papers or reflections, etc.) of the portfolio.

    103. Student: do we have to have an introduction for our Bartleby reflection?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You need an introduction for each type of writing. You may include one introduction for the reflections.

    104. Student: Since I am using the in class discussion as a source in my reference page for my death essay, do I put your name as the “author” of the discussion? If so, do I use your first name as well?
      Mrs. Metcalf: There is no author for a classroom discussion, but the discussion occurred at Steubenville High School in the ENG 101 course.

    105. Student: n the writing portfolio, should the whole title "Reflection on ..." be italicized or just the work itself?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Only italicize the title of the work.

    106. Student: Should there be additional courtesy pages at the end of our writing portfolio?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No.

    107. Student: how do we format the introductions? what are we supposed to write?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please refer to the handout. The instructions for the introductions are found there.

    108. Student: Do we need a reflection for our hamlet notes?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You need a reflection of the play.

    109. Student: How do we cite a prompt paper? In my Antigone Essay, you marked that it was an incorrect citation and i’m not sure how to do it properly. Thanks!
      Mrs. Metcalf: If you are referring to the "prompt paper" that was posted on the classroom website, then you should cite it as an online pdf. Please refer to "Research and Documentation" for the example.

    110. Student: When putting references in our reflections, do we need to cite the story if we say how an event impacted the readers thinking of the particular event if we don’t use a direct quote?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please place the work read in class in the references and any other source that is referenced.

    111. Student: do we keep our title pages on our essays when we put them in the portfolio?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    112. Student: How do we cite an in class discussion? I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.
      Mrs. Metcalf: A class discussion would be formatted the same as a personal interview, except in place of "personal interview" you would add "classroom discussion."

    113. Student: Do we need a reflection for hamlet or just the notes?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, you need a reflection for The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

    114. Student: Does the block need any quotation marks?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, the double quotation marks are assumed. The fact that the sentences are blocked tells the reader it is a quotation.

    115. Student: On my death essay, the phrase 'syntax error' was used. What do you mean by that?
      Mrs. Metcalf: It means the syntax (order) is out of sync or you've ended your sentence with a preposition.

    116. Student: Should the page numbers for our reflections contain the last name and page number?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You only need to mark page numbering if the work is three pages or longer. If a single reflection meets that requirement, then page numbering would be needed.

    117. Student: Yes, you need a reflection for The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    118. Student: Would you prefer courtesy pages at the end of each work in our writing portfolio or at the end of the entire portfolio?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Individual works require them.

    119. Student: Should the Table of Contents and Title Page be double spaced in our Writing Portfolio?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The Table of Contents is to your specification. The grading will focus on organization. The title page was given the specifics on the handout. Please follow those directions.

    120. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I am working on entering an introduction into my death essay and I have a few questions. Originally, I block quoted a letter, but the “intro” was a narrative written from the point-of-view of a little girl. I am writing an intro to the narrative and I know that I will need to indent the block quote of the narrative. Would I further indent the letter part that was the original block quote, or would I keep the same indent as the narrative? Thank you
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, the indentation would follow as you have described.

    121. Student: For the portfolios do we need to number our pages? And if so do we need to number our story pages as well?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Leave all the page numbering from your individual papers untouched. If you want to number the portfolio, that is extra credit and should be done at the bottom of all the pages inserted within the portfolio without disturbing the individual papers and their numbering.

    122. Student: for the bell jar reflection essay I am confused on the name concept you were mentioning. I thought I wrote it down but its not in my notebook.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Esther Greenwood begins writing a novel and decides upon the name for the protagonist to be "Elaine" because of the number of letters in the name. Esther has six letters and she thinks writing about a character (Elaine) with the same number of letters would be reflective of her own life. Needless to say, Esther is a character developed by Sylvia Plath. The irony is that "Sylvia" has six letters in her name the same as "Esther", the protagonist, in her novel, The Bell Jar.

    123. Student: Are our reflections required to be formatted in MLA? Do we include a title page? Are we required to include a running head or MLA page numbering? Is a works cited page required?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, the reflections should be formatted in MLA. A title page is not required for the reflections; although, for the sake of the writing portfolio, one introduction page will suffice for all the following reflection entries. Each reflection needs to be only one page, therefore page numbering is unnecessary. You may add the works cited at the end of each entry or add a list of all sources at the end of all reflections. Either way is permissible as long as organization is shown.

    124. Student: In the database, how do we tell if the academic journal we are using is also an academic article?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Most of the time the abstract will state that the following is an article.

    125. Student: For the portfolio, how do we find Line 20 and 30?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You can toggle on the page numbering in Microsoft Word to see the line numbers.

    126. Student: If we are using a piece of text from Bartleby as an exhibit, do we need a works cited page and if so, how do we cite it since it's a book in the form of a pdf?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please refer to the "Research and Documentation" link, then go to the "Electronic Sources (Web Publications)". From there look under "Webpage or Piece of Online Content".

    127. Student: For the Bartleby Trial, should there be a title page before the table of contents when we put all of our witness questions and statements together? If yes, should the title page be in MLA?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Make your own title page, but yes, there should be a title page before the table of contents. Since this is a creative work, please use MLA format.

    128. Student: do we have to put a running head on our death essay?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, this is creative work--if you need to recognize any sources, do so in MLA format.

    129. Student: Hello! How long does our death essay have to be? Also, if we are writing it as a fairy tale, for the O in once upon a time, can it be bigger than the rest of the text to make it seem more like a fairy tale? Thank you!
      Mrs. Metcalf: The death essay does not have a page limit. Since this is an academic assignment, please do not ornate any words; use only Times New Roman 12 point font.

    130. Student: Are we allowed to use the word get even though we aren’t allowed to use the word got?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    131. Student: For our Bartleby trial in AP Literature, are we allowed to make objections like we would in Mock Trial?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    132. Student: Hey Mrs. Metcalf, I was wondering if we had to cite the sources we retrieved our definitions from.
      Mrs. Metcalf: No.

    133. Student: Are we aloud to use contractions to add emphasis in our paper?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, unless it is used within dialogue.

    134. Student: For the Bartlby trial should we disclose our witnesses in order to avoid having one witness being played by two different people?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Normally that would be the case, but for the sake of this classroom presentation and since each side has their own burden--no, you will not need to disclose the witnesses. Each side may have their own--let's say--Mr. Cutlet.

    135. Student: Is this class graded by 9 weeks like regular classes or is it graded by semester (both 9 weeks combined)like our CCP classes are
      Mrs. Metcalf: The grade for the course will be the semester grade.

    136. Student: Hello! This is Lila Nemeth from your 4th period AP Literature class. I was wondering if there was any way we could meet up sometime during the week because I have a few questions regarding my paper. Thank you!
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please feel free to ask questions in class or with this question link. Other students can learn from open discussions, but if you feel your questions need individualized attention, please feel free to come before school, after school, or during 6th period.

    137. Student: For our APA Research Paper in AP Literature, is it okay to use a news article (such as Forbes) or does it need to be from a .gov or a .edu website? This is just in regards to the article we need, I know the journals have to be from the database.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Most journals on the database are filled with articles, but you may use a news article from a published magazine. Caution though, many sources can have biased information.

    138. Student: I summarized a science for my bio class.Are their any requirements for APA for mat about summarizing a science video?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please refer to the Research and Documentation link for an explanation and an example. There is information for adding a video as a source. If you need more help, see me before class.

    139. Student: For the AP Literature class, I know you said we need a works cited page for our reflections. Do we also need in-text citations?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You would only need in-text citations if you summarize, paraphrase, or directly quote.

    140. Student: For the Antigone essay, am I allow to use first person pint of view on question 2?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I am unsure why you are asking this question. That assignment has been completed awhile ago. If you are asking because you are revising your work to add to your portfolio, the answer is no. When composing scholarly work, never use "I".

    141. Student: Is there any certain length you want our poetry exercise 7 to be?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, but you must be able to convey the message through the universal theme.

    142. Student: What are the requirements for the paper about explaining death to five years old?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I will post the handout soon that answers that question.

    143. Student: Are we allowed to use gifs for the extra credit instead of normal pictures?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    144. Student: If the report is due Friday and you are returning to school Friday, would we be able to come ask you questions about the report in the morning since we do not have any classes until 10:30? Then we would just turn the paper in when we come back to school?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    145. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf I was just wondering what needed to be included in the reference page for the steelworker report. I am a little confused about this part.
      Mrs. Metcalf: You will need to format the References following APA style for documentation. You can click on the link provided on this classroom website under Courses titled "Research and Documentation" and find the answers to formatting. Last year youprovided several APA references in all your papers, plus you composed an extensive research paper using that style. I am unsure the reason you are confused.

    146. Student: Sounds good. Thank you so much! Also, I have a question about the Steelworker Report. For the peer reviews, after a friend has reviewed and corrected the paper, do they have to sign the last page? I’m not sure on what they have to do after they review the report.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The peers who review the paper need to sign a page and it can be added at the end.

    147. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I had both my aunt and my uncle in the steel mill but my uncle is currently still there could I possibly use both for the paper?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you need to interview only one for this assignment.

    148. Student: For the steelworker report do the subtitles have to be the questions you provided or can you make the subtitles to fit how you want to organize your paper?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The subtitles need to be the questions or similarity stated, plus you may add more subtitles.

    149. Student: Hi. I was wondering whether or not the proposed thesis at the end of the signature approval page was required to be less than fifty characters. If it does, do the spaces count for characters? Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, the question should be only fifty characters or less including spaces.

    150. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf! I was wondering if we need to list the person we interview in our references. On one of the sites it said not to, but I know we did last year on our last APA paper. Also, do we need to include an abstract for our report? Thank you!
      Mrs. Metcalf: It is correct to cite the interviewee within the text but omit them from the References, but I would like to have the person listed in the References. I'll explain in class. No, you will not need an abstract since this is a report.

    151. Student: For the steelworker report, owl Perdue says we do not include personal communication in the reference page. It says only to include in text citations with (Communicators name, personal communication, date). Is this the proper way to cite?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, that is correct, but I would like them in the References. I'll explain my reasoning in class.

    152. Student: Hello! Does our signature approval page need to be double spaced?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    153. Student: For poetry exercise #6 are we able to read it to the class off of our iPads and then turn it in online?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, I need a printed version.

    154. Student: Hello!For the signature approval page, do we use our topic question and our 3 sub questions to write our thesis? If not, how do we write it?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You need to research your academic field of interest and find out what is interesting and innovative in that field, then develop a question (thesis). The four questions are sub-questions of the thesis that appear in the paper, not the Signature Approval Page.

    155. Student: I submitted my Signature Approval Page through the website since I won’t be back in school until Tuesday. I would appreciate it if you could email me your feedback so I can revise it and return an updated version on Tuesday.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Thank you for the submission, but since I have extended the date we can discuss the Signature Approval Page when you return to school.

    156. Student: For the approval page, am I allow to use the proposed thesis on my paper?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, but you should not start on the paper until you have your proposed thesis approved.

    157. Student: Hello, Mrs. Metcalf. Am I permitted to submit Poetry Exercise #4 online today? I didn't have access to a printed copy by the end of class today.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    158. Student: I was curious about how the reflections are to be completed. I was not sure what to do for them. Do we summarize the story? Do we give our personal opinions? etc.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please refer to the handout posted under courses titled "Reflective Writing Defined." If you still need further explanation, let me know.

    159. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf. I hope you are having a great day. I’m emailing you to follow up on the assignment we have due tomorrow and what exactly it entails. I asked a classmate about it but was wondering if you could explain it in further detail. Thank you! - Gracie Hamilton
      Mrs. Metcalf: I apologize for the lack of clarity. Each student will need to bring in a poem that falls under the category of the type discussed in class, i.e. lyrical, narrative, etc. Do not worry about the details of the assignment. We will work on them in class.

    160. Student: For the last paragraph of our satire where we are putting the last paragraph of Swift's proposal in our own words, do we put a citation at the end of the paragraph?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Quote Swift's last paragraph, added your alterations with brackets that fit your satire.

    161. Student: Mrs. Metcalf, I have not been in school the past 2 days and so I turned my sonnet in online, I do realize that you are probably going to take points off because it was due in class,I have your class fifth period so if that class does not finish reading their poems today I can read mine tomorrow if that would be okay with you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Thank you for turning it in on the due date.

    162. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf! I left school early and will not be in class today. Is it okay to submit my poem on the website? If not I can bring it to the school.
      Mrs. Metcalf: It is due September 24th. Please upload it.

    163. Student: What version of the film for The Great Gatsby did we watch in class? I would like to cite something from the movie but there is many different versions so I want to be sure to use the correct one.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The movie viewed in class is the 1974 version starring Robert Redford.

    164. Student: For our satire, are we allowed to use first or second person like Swift does?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, this is a creative composition. Normally, for academic work that would not be the case.

    165. Student: For APA, it says our title page should have institutional affiliation. Are we supposed to put Steubenville High School only or Steubenville High School AP Literature?
      Mrs. Metcalf: If you choose to use APA, your title page should include the institute, such as Steubenville High School after the course name. Once again, I'm considering that you have not had instruction in APA, so your grading will reflect that consideration.

    166. Student: Do we need to put our last name and page number on the title page? If we are not supposed to number the title page, do we start out with 2 or 1 on the second page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The numbering of the pages depends upon which style of documentation you have chosen. For MLA, your last name and the page number needs to begin on the cover/title page and run sequentially through the paper. If you have chosen to use APA, you will need a running head (refer to the link titled "Research and Documentation" provided on this website under Courses for information).

    167. Student: "Stop now-before what you're about to say enrages me completely and reveals that you're not only old but stupid, too. No one can tolerate what you've just said..." (Sophocles l. 324 - 327). Creon can not believe that someone would defy his authority and honor a traitor so quickly.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Based upon our conversation after class, there are a few points that need addressed in this passage you have provided. First, be sure to quote exactly as the text. Any changes should be indicated within brackets. Be sure to refer to the classroom instruction on the use of brackets within a direct quotation. Second, the argumentative statement should be stated first then supportive text to follow.

    168. Student: Do we need a certain font size for our title page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I am glad to see this question. For academic writing, the only acceptable size for is 12 point. Never use any other size for any portion of an academic/scholarly work.

    169. Student: How do I do the title page in APA? Is the title supposed to be italicized? After my name, do I write the due date?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You will receive instruction on APA soon. If you'd like to refer to the "Research and Documentation" link provided under the Course tab for assistance, that would be fine. The reason I am being more lenient in grading on the use of APA is because you have not received instruction yet. To give you some guidance, please insert a Running head and the page number. If you are having difficulty finding the information on the link provided, I would suggest that you format in MLA, which you have some experience. Nevertheless, the information required on the title page would be the title, your name, the course name, and the due date.

    170. Student: The online version and the printed version of Antigone are two different versions by the same author, and I cite both of them in my paper. How would I distinguish what version I am citing in a parenthetical citation since they have the same title?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You would designate which version you are using by whether it is the electronic handout or the handout.

    171. Student: Are we required to make an Abstract page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No. If you attempting to use APA, the abstract is used for a focused research paper. You do not need an abstract for this assignment.

    172. Student: What would be the correct way to insert a page number in MLA format when two people work on a paper together?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Add both last names with "and" followed by the page number.

    173. Student: In your 3rd period class we did not go over how to do a title page or how to format our essay but the other class was told how to do this. Is there anyway Monday we could go over these things since we do not know how?
      Mrs. Metcalf: We covered this topic in class today. If you still need clarification, please see me after class.

    174. Student: When writing the Antigone essay and including our personal experience, is it acceptable to use the word I?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, the use of "I" is unnecessary for academic writing. Remember, you can omit it and place the point of the comment as the subject of the sentence.

    175. Student: When we site a line from "Antigone" in our answers, should we break apart contractions with brackets or should we keep them together?
      Mrs. Metcalf: That is up to you. Direct quotations do not fall under the rules of "no contractions."

    176. Student: For our references on the last slide would you like them to be in alphabetical order or in slide order?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Format your bibliography in MLA style for documentation; use the standard rules for formatting the sources according to MLA.

    177. Student: There are no page numbers on either the online book or the actual book, so how am I meant to do the citations? Also, do we need to have a title page?
      Mrs. Metcalf: When citing the photocopy of the play, use the line numbers given at the side of the text. Yes, you will need a title page. Follow the instructions given during classroom instruction. If you need further explanation, let me know.

    178. Student: In class you told us to bring our presentations on a flashdrive to class on Tuesday, but the website says it is not due until Wednesday. Which day is it due? I just wanted to make sure so I did not bring it in on the wrong day.
      Mrs. Metcalf: For clarification: the date given on the classroom website is the date the presentation is due regardless when the class meets. The presentation needs to be brought to class on a flash drive on the posted due date. If you do not have a flash drive, you may upload the presentation the day before (before midnight) so that I can copy all presentations onto a flash drive.

    179. Student: For our Pecha Kucha assignment there needs to be 20 slides. Does this include the reference slide or should this be the 21st slide of the presentation?
      Mrs. Metcalf: The page listing the sources is not included in the 20 slides requirement.

    180. Student: Hello Mrs.Metcalf. For the poetry exercise #2 i was having problems with getting my poem that i wrote onto the other side of the paper right beside the poem i picked. Is there a way to format it or insert my poem so the poem i picked out of the book does not get out of place?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, you can add two columns to format the page.

    181. Student: One of my friends informed me that i can insert my poem below the poem from the book. I’m just double checking that i can do that because i did not hear you say that in our class.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, if your poetic lines are too long to have both side by side.

    182. Student: Is the Pecha Kucha for ENG201 due on Tuesday or Wednesday? Many students were saying both days so I just wanted to clarify.
      Mrs. Metcalf: All assignments for the ENG 201 course are listed with the due date on the classroom site regardless whether that is a date the class meets. If you are turning the presentation in online, it must be turned in before midnight the day before so I can copy it on a flash drive; otherwise, the presentation will be due the day it is posted (you will need to bring it in on a flash drive).

    183. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, my poem does not have an author or title so will I just leave it blank before my poem?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, but it will still be listed in the sources.

    184. Student: What time do we have to turn the pecha kucha in if we are submitting it the night before?
      Mrs. Metcalf: I'd like to be able to copy them onto a flash drive so I can bring them to school, so the sooner the better. Please do not turn them online on the day it is due; therefore, the deadline would be before midnight.

    185. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I visited the EGCC LoudCloud website and looked under our class (ENG101) and realized there are assignments posted. Are we supposed to complete those as well? Or just work you assign in class?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you will not need to do any of the assignments posted there. Only refer to this website and class instructions for all your assignments.

    186. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf. On the EGCC Loudcloud website there is an assignment posted for a personal narrative essay. It is due on September the second. Is the assignment something that needs to be completed?
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, those assignments are not for you. Please only refer to this website and class instructions for your assignments.

    187. Student: Will the Poetry Exercise #2 be submitted online or in class?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You may turn it in on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd in class or online before midnight.

    188. Student: Do we need to know both of the definitions for the world of the day quiz, or is one definition per word enough to get full credit on the exam?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Usually you will have one "Word of the Day" quiz per week and will need to associate the complete definitions to be able to identify the word or vise versa.

    189. Student: In class today, did you say we have to turn those four poetry questions in first thing in the morning tomorrow?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, please place your assignment in the top basket in my room.

    190. Student: Mrs. Metcalf I regrettably forgot my signature approval page for my school iPad at school today. Is it possible that I could bring it in Thursday and get my iPad that day instead of Wednesday?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    191. Student: Hello Mrs Metcalf, I was wondering how we cite an anthology in our bibliography.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please go to the classroom website and click on Courses and refer and click on the link provided "Research and Documentation". From there you can see the requirements for MLA documentation for an anthology. Be sure you search under MLA.


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