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    1. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, I looked into citing within anthologies and it only told me how to do cite it in-text and in the bibliography, I could not find anything about introducing the work in the essay. However, the bibliography did have the work in italics, should I assume that the introduction of Endgame should also be in italics? I looked at some past papers of mine and the literature mentioned was always in quotations for MLA, I can't find either option on Purdue for quotations or italics. Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The introduction of the work in MLA does not required citation; nevertheless, to introduce a work within the opening paragraphs, the title and the author's name should be mentioned to give your intended reader a base to know what work you are discussing within your essay. Remember that titles are underlined or italicized with MLA and only the use of italics with APA. That is the reason you saw Endgame in italics; it was the preference of the writer to choose italicizing. To clarify your misunderstanding about quotation marks vs italics: titles are italicized (or underlined for MLA) and works within titles, such as chapters, poems, or other such subcategory of a work use quotation marks. For example, the book titled The Scarlet Letter would be italicized and the chapter title within the book "The Governor's Hall" would have quotation marks.

    2. Student: Hello, when referencing an event that was repeated in the play should I cite both parts in which the event occurred? For example, when Hamm asks for his painkiller, should I cite just one page and line or more than one? Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: It depends upon which place you are referencing. If you are generally referencing the play then cite only the play as a whole..

    3. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf. It has been quite a while since we have written in MLA format. I was attempting to research the introduction of a work on Purdue Owl, but could not find it. So I was wondering, when we are introducing Endgame in our paper, should it always be italicized or have quotation marks around it? "Endgame" or Endgame (italicized). Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: It is a title of a play within an anthology. If you still cannot find the correct way, let me know. I will give more direction.

    4. Student: Do we need to print out the signature approval page on the 20-poung weight white paper with the 50% or higher cotton fiber content for this week? If not, do we scan it in after signatures are received so that it can be printed at a later date on the heavier paper?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Your signature approval page should be printed on the required 20 lb. weight white paper with 50% or higher cotton fiber. You will keep that page to insert in your completed research paper.

    5. Student: Mrs. Metcalf, I submitted the wrong document. Is it possible that I could send the right one. Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: As long as your submission is before the due date deadline it will be considered for grading. I always grade the last submission.

    6. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf. Not all of my Antigone essay submitted, would i be able to send it again? Thank you
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, I will grade the last one submitted.

    7. Student: When citing another student is their title italicized or in quotation marks.
      Mrs. Metcalf: I'm assuming that the student's work has not been published in a journal, so it is not part of a main work. Therefore, it would be italicized rather than marked with quotation marks.

    8. Student: Hello Mrs. Metcalf, If I am writing my essay in APA how do I properly do the parenthetical in the citation? I tried finding it on owlpurdue but could not find anything
      Mrs. Metcalf: Place the author's name within the text followed by the copyright date in parentheses. At the end of the source information, add the indicator (page number or paragraph number, etc.).

    9. Student: Do we turn our papers in online or in class?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Online

    10. Student: Would you please post a sample of how the paper for the jury side should be set?
      Mrs. Metcalf: During tomorrow's class I will offer a sample and more detailed instructions for formatting each paper from the Bartleby hearing.

    11. Student: For our typed out paper should we include the court hearing document or just title our paper
      Mrs. Metcalf: You only need to title your paper.

    12. Student: During the trial are we allowed to use notecards as a script or do we have to memorize our content
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, if you have a hard time remembering, your attorney can rephrase and stress points that can trigger your memory. If that doesn't work, the attorney can enter a document as evidence, such as a deposition (the witness's written account of the events).

    13. Student: s this thesis okay? The avoidable shooting shooting at Kent State triggered multiplication negative consequences.
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, because your thesis is stating that the shooting was "avoidable" which some may disagree, although innocent (non protesters) students were the victims.

    14. Student: When i do my subtitle, should I keep it centerd? Also, if my title is underlined, would i underline the subtitle too?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You can center the subtitle below the title. The subtitle is not underlines.

    15. Student: I noticed that the due date for our Antigone essay was changed to saturday the 8th. Does that mean it needs to be sent in by saturday night at 11:59 pm?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes.

    16. Student: I just submitted the wrong document while trying to turn in my assignment. Am I allowed to turn the right one in?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Yes, your paper is not due until later tonight. I will delete the previous submission.

    17. Student: f our paper for Explaining Death to a 5 year old is less than 2 pages of content, do we need page numbers for the entire paper? Thank you for taking the time to read.
      Mrs. Metcalf: No.

    18. Student: For the Antigone Essay, how do we cite the Antigone handout that you gave us in class in the reference page? Also, do you want us to turn the essay in online or print it out?
      Mrs. Metcalf: Please review the "Research and Documentation" link provided. If you do not find the answer to your question about citing the handout, please let me know if you are using APA or MLA and I will assist you. You are to turn the paper in online on the classroom website.

    19. Student: If I am emailing the Pecha Kucha assignment what is the time it needs to be turned in by tomorrow?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You can upload it to www.wetransfer.com. I have included an announcement concerning how to do this under "Courses." Please review that information. Usually email will not let you send large files such as your presentation. The assignment is due Tuesday before midnight.

    20. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf, I have been working on my Pecha Kucha assignment but google slides does not seem to have an option for embedding audio to the presentation. I asked several friends if they knew how to, but they were equally confused. Is there a work around for this, would you like us to bring in a separate audio, or otherwise speak during our presentation?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You will need to use Microsoft PowerPoint not Google Slides.

    21. Student: Hi Mrs. Metcalf, is our Pecha Kucha presentation due tonight (Monday) or tomorrow night before midnight? Thanks.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The assignment is due on Tuesday.

    22. Student: RE: Kent State Paper. When is this due? Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The due date has not been given yet. I will post a due date once all the material has been taught that is necessary for the completion of the assignment.

    23. Student: Are we allowed using I in this essay? I wasn’t sure because it is a child’s dialogue? Thank you
      Mrs. Metcalf: The best writing, even written in first person, can avoid the use of the pronoun “I”. In dialogue it is acceptable to add to characterization. As the writer, though, avoid its use.

    24. Student: For the college classes pacha kucha the classes who don’t have you till Wednesday is that when theirs is due or is everyone’s due Tuesday? There’s a confusion.
      Mrs. Metcalf: The due date posted is the due date for the assignment whether it is on the day the class meets or not. Students may drop off the jump drive with their name on it or stop by before or after school and I'll copy the assignment and return the jump drive immediately.

    25. Student: Do we have to complete the work on EGCC’s website along with our in school work? I was uncertain because it was not mentioned in class. Thank you.
      Mrs. Metcalf: No, you will follow the directions given in class and the assignments posted on this classroom website, as before.

    26. Student: I'm having trouble logging into the school laptop. What do I do?
      Mrs. Metcalf: You could try one or all of these options. 1. Be sure you are typing your username and password correctly, including capitalization. 2. Use the generic username and password. Ask a peer if they know it; I am unsure of it. 3. Go to the public library to use their computer. Be sure to bring a jump drive to save your work.



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